BindalFX has a long-standing track record of being respectful and fair to our clients and it is our mission to create a community of successful traders.

Bindal FX indicators gives low risk high probability trade setups with a very high accuracy provided you follow the system with discipline, and if you do that you have a great chance of making a successful career from Trading.

When you join our highly regarded coaching program, we will guide you with LIVE trading broadcasts, watchlist and trade examples – this is sent to you on WhatsApp. We will tell you of the big moves before they happen. In addition we also have LIVE TRADING webinars every Tueday to Thursdays, starting at 7.30am London time, where you can watch us trade live.

Policy Applicable to Coaching Packages ONLY (e.g. Platinum and Gold, chargeable via a one off fee)

We understand that Trading is not for everyone. We only want to work with clients who are happy to be our customers. As such, at Bindal FX we offer a full satisfaction guarantee – If, within the first 14 days you decide you no longer wish to join the Bindal FX program (Provided you have not started the coaching program), you can request a refund which we will issue – NO QUESTIONS ASKED

Thus you can be rest assured that you are fully protected.

All refunds issued will be net of fees (e.g. paypal fees) if any apply – these are usually around 3% of the fee paid.

No refunds will be issued after 14 days, OR if you have started the coaching program officially (official date of commencement will be agreed with you prior to starting), as you will have been part of the broadcasts and/or webinars, as well as having significant time investment from our Traders in terms of set up and starting off the coaching process.

Subscription and Other Services including but not limited to All day Live Webinars, Live Seminars, and Trial memberships

No refunds will be issued for services already issued, e.g. 1 day Live Trading Webinars/Seminars.

No refunds will be issued for Trial Memberships.

No refunds will be issued for any subscription based services that are charged on a monthly basis, such as (but not limited to) the existing customer renewal subscription or the Live Trading Alert Service as you will have immediate access to these services - You are however free to cancel this service at anytime direct through your paypal account.

By signing up to our services you agree to these terms and conditions.

BindalFX 123 system is simple to follow, Trading Mastery is a Child's Play. When you follow the system with discipline, Trading becomes effortless.