Trading Psychology

20th September, 2020
What is FOMO and how to overcome it?

I've spoken to a number of traders in recent weeks and one of the biggest concerns they have is not having the patience and discipline to wait for the correct entry signal in fear of missing out on the move they 'believe' is about to occur, thereby taking trades against their system.

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17th August, 2020
Fear In Trading

'Fear' is something that I bet every trader in the world has at some stage experienced. It could be a fear of loss (losing money), a fear of being wrong (ego), or perhaps even FOMO (Fear of missing out). Any traders who have become truly successful master their fears.

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1st June, 2020
Snatching Profits - Why do we do it?

How many traders have snatched profits in their trading careers? How many of you have closed trades based on your P&L as opposed to closing based on your charts? Have you closed a trade to 'protect' your profits being almost certain that price will still move further in your favour?

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4th May, 2020
Where is your Focus?

Thousands of years ago, there was an epic tale evolving in a place that is now known as India. In today's teachings we refer to it as The Mahabharata. During this time there was a boy called Arjuna, who was one of five brothers & princes, known as the Pandavas.

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20th April, 2020
How Meditation Can Help Your Trading

Generally speaking, it is very hard to find someone who can hand on heart say practicing meditation and/or mindfulness has had a negative effect on their performance, whether it is in Trading or in another domain. Why is that?

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6th April, 2020
The Cardinal Sin of Trading

If you speak to a wide variety of traders and ask them what their number 1 rule is, adding to losers is probably right near the top. The number one rule is probably cutting losses, which we covered in the previous article. Adding to losers, also known as averaging down, is a key ingredient.

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27th March, 2020
Common Mistakes Traders Make

Let's face it, we all make mistakes. Whether it is at home or at work, we're all bound to screw up at some point in time. However, in most cases, when we make mistakes we tend to study them and figure out a way to not repeat the mistake.

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17th March, 2020
Perseverance is Key

Generally, when I speak to Traders, the main motivation for them to enter trading and try to forge it as a career is to make some quick and/or easy money. The romantic view held within trading, which is perhaps further emphasized from the abundance

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4th September, 2017
Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are one the key attributes of chart analysis, as it represents key juncture where the forces of supply and demand meet. In simple economic terms when the demand of a given stock is higher the prices are likely to increase, if this demand is not met by sellers.

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3rd September, 2017
Psychology of Trading

"If you have the commitment - you will achieve your goals" It is an accepted fact that 90% of traders lose money "playing" the markets, because they are just "playing" and NOT Trading. They tend to focus mostly on the past, and their failures, resulting into wrong trades.

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2nd September, 2017
Discipline, Mental Skills and the Psychology of Trading.

Are you searching for answers to become a master trader? Or are you still trying to be a profitable trader? Trading is not easy as most people think, why is that out all those who try, over 90% fail? My trading experience expands 2 decades, and also being a trading mentor

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1st September, 2017
Create a Winning Trading Plan

A trading plan is perhaps the most overlooked trader's tool. As a matter of fact the majority of traders do not have a trading plan. No wonder 90% of traders lose money. Many people are just too lazy to sit down and draw a plan.

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